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Join the largest online Low Voltage community and connect with your customers.

LVN Discord

Community Chat platform with integrators, vendors, and the LVN Team


Reach over 13,000 low voltage integrators and installers

Facebook Group

Connect with 47,000 integrators and installers


Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok

Low Voltage Nation has the largest and most active online ICT community

Come join the thousands of integrators, suppliers, manufacturers, and rising stars in the low voltage and ICT industry. We use the most popular community and social channels to reach a broad audience, especially the younger crowd on Discord and TikTok.

LVN Discord

Discord is the future of community. We started on Slack and quickly realized it's limitations so we finally made the leap to the best realtime chat and community platform available.

  • Connect with a broader audience from the Facebook Group and the TikTok generation

  • Communicate directly with your customers

  • Get product feedback

  • Connect with social media influencers

Newsletter and Email Marketing

Our list of 13,000 subscribers gains 1,000 subscribers every month. They are low voltage integrators and installers that have joined our Facebook Group, responded to an advertisement, joined our Discord server, or visited our website. Our open rate is ~40% and a CTR ~4%

LVN Facebook Group

We have the largest and most active low voltage Facebook Group with over 46,000 members. As an LVN Gold Vendor, you have the ability to interact with the group and have your posts pinned to the top through our advertising offer. Check out our 60 day stats:

Social Media Reshares

We will reshare your social media content across our channels.


12,000 followers and 78,000 Group Members










3,500 subscribers

Onboarding and Get on our Podcast!

Once you sign up you will go through our onboarding process and have the ability to publish content in our community platform. This will add you to the directory and signal our team to begin sharing your content to our channels. During the onboarding process you have the option to schedule a podcast and product demo.

LVN Gold Vendors

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